Mobile Podcast Equipment – 2 Great Options For Interviews On The Go

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mobile podcast equipment with the Rode interview kit
Rode's new SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit for iPhone

A lot of podcast clients frequently ask us for solutions to recording interviews while on the go - they are looking for mobile podcast equipment and solutions specifically for use at conferences or while traveling.

Recording Interviews On The Go

If you've ever considered mobile recording at shows, conventions or in other scenarios, there are a lot of challenges involved in conducting interviews in those environments. RØDE Microphones aims to solve a lot of these with their new interview kit.

Rode SC6-L Interview Kit Overview

This is a good and minimal solution, and I like that it's super travel-friendly.

Røde Microphones Introduces All-New Røde SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit

Australian pro audio giant RØDE Microphones launched the brand new SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit, the latest Lightning connected recording solution for Apple iOS Devices. While many brands, including RØDE, have offered external microphones to record in higher quality with the iPhone, and even launched lavalier microphones with clip-on accessories for interviews, the use of two simultaneous microphones still poses many challenges. The Røde SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit intends to solve that problem.


My take on iPhone specific mobile podcast equipment -and an alternative

In my opinion, there is a slight drawback, as the Rhode kit is good only for 2 people. If you think you'll be speaking to more than one other person, Alex Blumberg's approach still produces the best results.

mobile podcast equipment Alex Blumberg style
Alex Bloomberg using his patented interview technique - a digital recorder and an interview mic

For those who don't know Alex, he is a former NPR radio host and the founder of Gimlet media with smash podcast hits like "Startup", and he perfected recording on the go while working on his podcasts.

His approach is to carry a digital recorder and directional long interview mic, connected with a short  3 foot XLR cable, and he then points the mic at the folks he interviews. The benefit is that he can easily move around, and interview multiple people with the least amount of fuss.

If you're interested, Alex has a totally awesome class on Creative Live about "Powering Your Podcast With Story Telling", and you can see his approach in action there.

If you'd like recommendations about good equipment choices for his sort of mobile interview technique using directional mics and digital recorders, just sign up below and I'll send you our podcasting resources guide.

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